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Premises Liability

Wichita, Kansas, Premises Liability Attorneys

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If you have been seriously harmed due to the negligence of a property owner, you have the right to receive compensation for your injuries.

We can help.

At Cummings & Cummings, we represent clients who have been injured on dangerous property throughout Sedgwick County and the south-central Kansas region. Whether you were injured on a sidewalk that was in bad condition or were assaulted in a poorly-lit parking lot, our firm will work hard to make sure that you and your family receive the full and fair compensation you deserve.

South-Central Kansas Dangerous Property Lawyers

We represent our clients in property-related personal injury and wrongful death cases such as:

  • Slip and falls on slippery floors, icy steps, broken sidewalks, etc.
  • Dog bites or other domestic animal attacks
  • Injuries in poorly lit parking lots or other areas
  • Drowning or injury in uncovered pools
  • Unprotected excavations on construction sites or other construction accidents
  • Environmental hazards that should have been mitigated, such as mold, lead paint, radon, or “sick building syndrome”
  • Inadequate fire control or inadequate response to danger
  • Criminal acts by employees, including security guards (negligent hiring or retention)
  • Crimes committed in areas with inadequate security, locks, or key control
  • Misrepresentation of the level of security

Regardless of whether you were injured on public or private property, the government, landlords, businesses, and homeowners have a responsibility to maintain reasonably safe conditions on the property they own. Our lawyers can help you to gain money damages for the injuries you've suffered as well as for your medical bills, lost wages, future health care needs, and rehabilitation expenses.

No resource or effort will be spared in our attempt to achieve results that you can be satisfied with.

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Cummings & Cummings, L.L.C.

The Wichita, Kansas, law firm of Cummings & Cummings, LLC provides experienced and aggressive legal representation in criminal defense and personal injury cases. We serve the south-central Kansas region including cities such as Augusta, El Dorado, Derby, Mulvane, Newton, Andover, Salina, Kansas City, Cheney, Kingman, Wellington, Winfield, and Eureka.

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